Oh Such A Perfect Day.

The other night my friend and I went to see The Conjuring. Upon arrival at the cinema we discovered it wasn’t actually playing, but not wanting to disappoint our need to feel scared, we decided to see You’re Next. Despite the chatty lads sitting a seat over from us – they a whispering loudly – we were not disappointed.

From this point on my blog will contain SPOILERS so for those of you who do not wish to continue – and please, if you don’t want anything to be ruined, then click off this page as I don’t want to be the one to ruin it for you – I will tell you I give it a 10 out of 10. 

The films centers around Aubrey and Paul celebrating their anniversary in their HUGE country house – newly bought as Paul’s  retirement project – with their family:   their son Crispain and his girlfriend Erin;  their son Drake and wife Kelly; their daughter Aimee and boyfriend Tariq; and son Felix and girlfriend Zee.

What could be  better? A family reunion in a beautiful setting.

The family are slightly strange to say the least. They haven’t been together for a long time. Crispain appears to be the good son, while Drake, although clearly trying to be the best son, spends his time claiming he’s better than everyone else, and pointing out everyone’s views. Felix is quiet, while Aimee clearly has something to prove to the rest of them and also an issue with her weight!

Here they are,  gathered for what is supposed to be a perfect weekend in the country.

It doesn’t take long for psychos in masks to start shooting people with arrows. Now this is the point where I imagine a lot of people thought “here we go… it’s going to be like The Strangers or any other generic slasher film set in the middle of no where.” It doesn’t take long before those in the audience thinking this are proven wrong though.

Yes, it does involved a lot of characters screaming and drawing attention to themselves, when they should be using their heads, and yes they do things like splitting up when they should all stay together. BUT then there is Erin, a new character to the slasher genre.

Erin – unbeknown to the other characters, including her boyfriend – grew up on a survival colony. This means that she basically has degree in ass-kicking. She has all of these tricks, that make a great deal of sense, on how to get around the killers. People still die, and she doesn’t see the twist coming, but it’s still fun watching a slasher done in the style of Home Alone! 

I’m not going to discuss the plot any further, because although I have posted a spoilers warning, all that I feel is left to discuss is the big finish – what was for me devastating and painful realization – I don’t wish to ruin anything for anyone. Just because I’ve written a warning about spoilers, doesn’t mean you’ll listen!

It is a film that handles it’s gore quite well. Whilst it is quite bloody, I didn’t once feel disgusted by what I was seeing. There were definitely some memorable deaths, and I know I will never look at the a blender in the same way again!

I really enjoyed this film, I found it was a refreshing take on the slasher genre. It wasn’t as predictable as many of the others, and although it didn’t quite end like I hoped it would, I was still freaked out and scared by the end of it!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the film!

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