“Into every generation a slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness; She is the Slayer.”

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is, in my opinion the greatest TV show. I can’t get enough of it, I was hooked from the first time I watched it many moons ago. I don’t even know how many years have passed since then, but now I re-watch the entire series once, sometimes twice a year, not to mention geeking out over it on a regular basis!

It’s taken me some time to write my first blog on the show, because I have so many things that I want to talk about, I couldn’t decide where to start!

As I’m currently re-watching the show (right now this moment I’m watching season two’s episode Ted!) I decided to write a summary of each season at the end of it! Just a pre-warning as always this blog may contain SPOILERS so if you’re new to the show or have never seen it, then please be careful!

Why is season one a good first season? I personally think it’s a good way start because it lays the ground work for the main characters quite well. Although they do change in ways as the show progresses, they still always hold onto what made them them in the first place!

Buffy Summers is desperate to fit and have a normal life but can’t escape her destiny as the slayer; Xander Harris is comical, eager; Willow Rosenberg is shy, quiet and as a result is very happy to be involved; Rupert Giles appears to be old fashioned, and very British making him struggle with Buffy’s need to be someone else; Angel, Buffy’s love interest and a vampire, who at first seems cheeky but mysterious, however upon revelation that he is a vampire he becomes quite dark and brooding; and then there’s Cordelia, the popular girl who at times seems very selfish and mean, but as her character progresses – never quite loosing that childish selfishness – you do see that she is quite a bit more than that! There are other characters of course – Joyce Summers, Buffy’s Mother and Jenny Calendar, Giles’ love interest. Then there is Jesse, Darla and the anointed one.

Although I don’t think it’s the best season, it also opens the character up to the general theme of the show. Throughout a season there will be one main guy, and the season leads to a showdown between Buffy and the bad guy. In this case, The Master. Some episodes will relate to that seasons “Big Bad” for example Welcome To The Hellmouth and The Harvest show The Master’s attempt at getting free. Other episodes generally features one bad guy or supernatural problem that the gang needs to solve. The problems they face rang from vampires, the witches and demons, to manifestations of peoples feelings.

To me, the best episodes of season one are as follows (in no order of preference) –

  1. Welcome To The Hellmouth – The opening episode of the show sees Buffy starting her new school and struggling with trying to fit in, not fall behind in her lessons and ignore her destiny. However, to stay popular she must hang out with Cordelia Chase, who is nice enough to those she feels worthy so Buffy chooses Willow and Xander. She can’t avoid her destiny either as it just so happens her new watcher – her old one having died in L.A – is also the new librarian. The problem Buffy is faced with is that The Master is going to try and escape the underworld where he was trapped years before. He will do so by sending a vessel to feed on humans and him stronger, something that will take place in the second episode, The Harvest. By the end of the episode Xander and Willow both know her secret and she has met Angel.
  2. Witch – The gangs first encounter with a witch. Buffy tries to hang onto a normal life by trying out to be a cheerleader. However, something or someone has it in for the cheerleaders as strange things start to happen to them. It turns out a witch – Amy Maddison – is behind  the strange occurrences.
  3. The Pack – A Xander centered episode finds the gang at the zoo on a school trip. Here Xander and a group of school bullies under go animal possession and start behaving like hyenas. Together they start terrorizing the school, at first acting like bullies but then eating Herbert, the school mascot (a pig) and then the group, minus Xander eat Mr Flutie, the school principal!
  4. The Puppet Show – Buffy and gang must take part in the school talent show, but someone or something is killing students and harvesting their organs. The scoobies suspect it is the work of smart student Morgan and his creepy dummy Sid, but soon find out that one of their fellow students is a demon who must feed off peoples organs, and that Sid is a man cursed to live as a dummy until all of the demons – there are seven – are dead.
  5. Nightmares – I’m huge fan of alternative worlds, universes and such things! Here slowly but surely peoples nightmares start coming true. The gang soon learn that a young boy was found in beaten up and is in a coma in hospital and as a result he is unintentionally causing everyone’s nightmares to come true!
  6. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind – A clear example of how someone’s feelings can affect themselves. Cordelia is having a bit of trouble – first her boyfriend is found beaten with baseball bat, then her best friend is pushed down the stairs, then a teacher who is helping her with her school work is left for dead, but thankfully Cordelia finds her. For once it really is all about her! An invisible girl who has it in for Cordelia has set her sights on revenge! But how do you stop someone you can’t see…?
  7. Prophecy Girl – The season one finale has to be one of the best ones! Giles and Angel have discovered a prophecy that states that Buffy will face The Master and she will die. Buffy overhears this and freaks out, not surprising as she is only 16 years old. She ends up going anyway, no knowing that her blood is actually what will set him free from hell. She dies, and he leaves. But Xander is their to revive her!

These episodes are my favorites because they are different to the others, and explore things that genuinely interest me.

Some of the stronger points of this season are as follows –

  1. Buffy’s realization that she can’t ignore her destiny.
  2. Xander punching the zoo keeper in The Pack (His need to protect Willow is wonderful)
  3. Hank Summers telling Buffy that he doesn’t want to spend time with her and that she is a disappointment (Buffy does emotional so well, and the relief when we find its just part of the nightmare world is huge!)
  4. Buffy’s speech in Prophecy Girl. Buffy is a brilliant speech giver, and every time she gives one I get goose bumps!

Generally speaking, I like season one a lot. It’s not my favorite and without giving too much away, it’s my 6th favorite season. It has it’s funny points, some emotion but the ass kicking is top notch!

I’m looking forward to writing my next one on season two!

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