2014: The Year I Will Own A Tea Cosy

Happy New Year one and all! I hope you all had a magical Christmas/Hanukkah/kwanza/Bodhi Day or whatever your alternative is, and similarly, I hope you enjoyed bringing in the New Year or have plans to at some point If this happens to fall on a different time of the year to when I celebrated!

Either way, I wish you all health and happiness for 2014, and hope that your resolutions all work out!

I myself have set a great deal of resolutions. I never really set any that I take seriously, but decided this needed to change. After all, I’m 23 and I don’t wish to amble through life like a Starfish, just floating along until I stick to something.

Before I share my resolutions with the world, I would like to just quickly mention that I read a blog yesterday that inspired how I plan to achieve the majority of them. I found it really interesting, and even though it mainly focuses on fitness, it can be applied to most situations. Definitely give it a read, here is the link http://georgestuddfitnesstraining.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/3-steps-to-make-your-new-years-resolutions-a-reality/

Now, world here are my resolutions…

  1. “2014 will be my start on the path to a body I am happy with.” – In other words, this will be the year I get fit. Now, I know what you’re thinking… doesn’t everyone say that? Well, yes, they tend to. So what makes me so different? I used to feel good about my appearance… not so much my physical ability though. I suffer from a few health issues, one of which used to help me keep slim (a strange form of Reflux Disease) but since coming off my medication and learning to control it myself, I have started to rapidly gain weight. If you have read my blog before you will know that I started doing Insanity, but came to road blocks when I discovered that I suffered from unassisted Knees because of weak hips. I have been working to strengthen them so that I could start exercising again. In 4 years or so, I have gained about 2 stone, which might not seem like much, but it all rests around my hips, which makes things difficult, especially as my arms and shoulders have stayed small, so finding clothes that fit comfortably can be tricky. My point of view had originally just been “2014 will be my skinny year” but I after much thought and reading the above blog, I have realised that “2014 will be my start on the path to a body I am happy with.” How do I plan to do this? I got a lovely little diary for Christmas which I have set up as my fitness diary. I have set up a sort of schedule listing what I’m going to do on which day, but only planning one week at a time. I know for a fact that if I set up too much, it will be harder for  me to follow and plan days off and things. I will also keep track of food etc. I have weighed myself, and taken a few measurements. I won’t take those again, or at least I don’t plan to, till the 1st of June. I might change this and do it on the 1st of every month though. I know for a fact that the longer I wait to take my next measurements, the harder I’ll work to see a difference. I have tried week by week before and that isn’t long enough to see a big enough difference which is quite disheartening. I also plan to start small and work my way up. I thought I was just going to start exorcising and eating super healthy and blah blah blah. I have realised how unrealistic this is. I am a weak, tiny person with a love of doughnuts and a ton of Christmas chocolates, biscuits and alcohol! I much prefer to spend my evenings tucked up on the couch watching TV. I know I first need to build up my strength little by little and my ability to work out for more than 5 minutes without feeling like I might pass out. So, starting small I plan to do a combination of yoga (level 1 of a DVD called Yoga Melt Down), weights and gentle, general exercising around the house for 1-2 month. From here I will up what I am doing and if I feel like I can without hurting my knees, I may start Insanity after I review my progress in June. I haven’t though further ahead than the next couple of months though because I don’t want to overwhelm myself with it! Of course I also plan to eat better, mostly by reducing my portion sizes and snacking on things  like fruit and nuts to keep me going through the day.
  2. 2014 Will Be The Year of Creative Productivity – Basically, the year that I get a grip on my writing, and craft making. I write blogs, (obviously…) but have started to slide on keeping up to date with it. I also write film scripts (I would like to be a professional script writer someday, and maybe even go on to directing and producing one day) but I always seem to struggle to find the time to do it… there always seems to be something more important on the telly. So this year I plan to dedicate at least 2 hours a week to blog writing, and between 7 – 14  hours a week to script writing. As for crafts, I like to make my own cards, mostly for Christmas but also for birthdays, although I always seem to leave it too late to make nice birthday cards. I plan to make more of an effort to make cards for my nearest and dearest year round when I can, but more importantly, I would like to make a few Christmas decs when the time comes, and various other things. Admittedly the craft part of this resolution isn’t too important! I think I have too many other plans dedicate enough time to take it too seriously.
  3. 2014 Will Be The Year I Recover Some Of My Social Life –   I don’t have poor social life. Admittedly a lot of my drunk stories start with “I was out with my Mam and Dad…” Or “I was at my Mam and Dads…”  or something to that effect. This doesn’t really bother me much though because A) my parents are pretty cool and B) I’m not massively bothered about going out in town on a Saturday night with all my best pals. I much prefer going to a pub or spending time in the house. However, I don’t feel like I see much of said best pals. I would like to put in more of an effort to spend time with them in and out of pubs and homes, and hopefully drinking jager from a teapot whilst watching Harry Potter.
  4. 2014 Will Be The Year That I Read More – Not overly exciting unless you’re me. I love to read, but for the past year I’ve only really done it on the bus to and from work, on my lunch break or the occasional train journey. (Also, whilst I was on Holiday but that doesn’t really count) I currently have 4 issues of Empire magazine that I haven’t read – totally shocking – and a lot of unread books. So I plan to dedicate at least 4 hours a week reading blogs and such things on the internet, and then whatever time I can spare for recreational reading. I don’t really feel that I dedicate a set number of hours to reading books and magazines.
  5. 2014 Will Be The Year That I Take Better Care Of Myself – Hair; Skin; Nails; Body; Mind; Spirit. I have all of things to I need I just don’t use them. I think I will feel better if I consume more natural food; if I remember to take to my vitamins and supplements; if I moisturise and exfoliate; if I make more of an effort to experiment with different hair styles; if I take that extra couple of hours to pamper myself. I don’t do these things enough and as a result my skin suffers, and I feel plain, and to be honest not very girly. I’m not massively girl in any way, which doesn’t bother me. I feel more comfortable in my jeans and my Joe Strummer vest, but I do on occasions think that I would rather wear this or do that or use this hair product and why shouldn’t I? An important step towards happiness and fulfilment, I believe is to feel good about yourself and to take care of yourself. You can’t do much else if you feel run down and unconfident!
  6. 2014 Will Be The Year That Become Better With Money – I have a lot of plans that revolved around money. I want a car (I passed my test in November); I want to redecorate the spare room; I’m going on a trip to London to shop in Camden this year; and at some point in the next couple of years my boyfriend and I would like to go on a trip to America (or maybe somewhere else, but I think we’re pretty settled on the US) to do a tour of some kind and see the sights. So I need to learn to save every last penny that I can. I technically started this a few months ago so I could start saving for Camden, but I also need to get better at trying not to spend money on food when I’m out and about when I can take my own lunches to work or just eat when I get back home. I find that’s a big waste. I’m also going to buy a thermal flask so I can drink my coffee on the go rather than buying it. And we’re going to do our food shops at a cheaper shop than normal. There are lots of ways that I plan to save and cut my spending and it’s quite exciting trying to reach a goal of having saved a certain amount of money by a certain time!
  7. 2014 Will Be The Year I Will Own A Tea Cost – Why? Because I want one.
Here’s to a productive 2014! Have a great one readers!

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