The Slayer Does Not Walk In This World

It’s finally time for me to continue my mini reviews of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, continuing on with season 4! I’m actually onto season 6 in my re-watch, but as you all know the start of a new year can be a busy time so I’ve only just had time to sit down and start writing!
I don’t want anyone to think that I dislike season 4. That is not the case. However, I don’t have a great deal to say about it, at least not for this blog in particular. In the future I plan to write more indepth Buffy blogs (I know, I know I’m nerd, I here it from my loving best friends regularly!) where I will talk more about all aspects of the show.
I do think the season has some good points, but what I find particularly interesting is how going to college effects their relationships.
  • Giles – Poor Giles no longer feels useful. Previously he had the library, which I suppose was his castle; the Scooby gang which was the head of, he instructed, nurtured and acted a parental figures to all of the gang, each of which have struggled with either both or one of their parents. Now, unemployed and living alone in his apartment, he worries that he will be replaced by Maggie as Buffy becomes more involved in the Initiative.
  • Xander – Xander has similar feelings. He isn’t part of the college scene and worries that his friends might be loosing interest in him. He starts spending a lot of time with Giles when he isn’t trying to find ways to be on campus, such as getting a job in the campus pub or just joining them for lunch.
  • Buffy – Buffy feels lonely because she doesn’t exactly fit in the college scene. Even though she has the same secret identity that she has always had, she is new surroundings with new people and once again faces the day to day struggle to keep it a secret, save the world from vampires and try not to fail college. She no longer has the comfort of the library or the feeling that she is head of the Scooby’s. 
  • Willow – Willow is the only one of the gang who doesn’t really suffer with loneliness or feeling left out. Although she does suffer heartbreak when Oz leaves her, but she finds comfort in experimenting with magic and making discoveries about herself. However, she has feelings that her friends aren’t supportive of her decision to date Tara.
These mutual feelings of abandonment and lonliness come to a head towards the end of the season, when the big bad of the season, Adam, uses these problems to turn the group of friends against each other. This of course doesn’t work, because their issues are the result of miscommunications and changes in their lives that can’t be helped. I love that, even though they have these problems, they are still able to pull through in the end. As a group they are able to defeat a creature that would otherwise be unstoppable.
Adam is an interesting concept. He is evil, but it isn’t necessarily his fault. He was created by a college professor, who also works for a government run operation that captures and experiments on demons and vampires, otherwise known to them as hostiles. Maggie can’t control Adam. He is intelligent, and I feel that he both understands human behaviour and what is wrong and right, but choose to do evil because he feels that it will better the human race. My feelings about Adam are difficult to put into words. He is my least favourite bad guy, for many reasons. He isn’t the kind of bad guy that you love to hate and hate to love, just like many of the others.
I feel that Buffy attending college is a bit of a strange thing for her to do – she will never have the opportunity to have a normal career or life. She will always be the slayer. But she needs to cling to the hope of having a normal life. I do feel that this season is her transitional for her. She doesn’t know it yet, but her world will change forever, and she will soon learn the weight of the world really does rest on her shoulders. She is about leave her safety net.
Despite this being my least favbourtie season, there are some episodes that I love and that I include in my favourites! These are…
1.Beer Bad
2. Superstar
3. Fear Itself
4. Pangs
5. Something Blue
6. Hush
7. This Year’s Girl
8. Who Are You
9. primeval
10. Restless
I know that this isn’t my best Buffy blog, but I will be writing more about some of the more interesting things about this season in a future blog that I have planned.

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