Happiness Is A Mood, Not A Destination

#100happydays. You might have seen this hashtag floating around the social media websites; you’ve probably wondered what it is; maybe you’ve scoffed at the idea; maybe you’ve even been someone’s happy day!

I started doing a the happy day challenge because my friend had started it and it seemed quite interesting. I googled it, and found the webpage – 100happydays.com and signed up. For me, it wasn’t just something I could do along side my friend, it was a genuine challenge. I’ve attempted day-by-day challenges in the past – Insanity didn’t last, and in 2012 I started a project under the name of Project 2012, the aim of which was to film one thing every day for the whole year, and string it all together in a short film. I didn’t get very far in the one either! I don’t even remember to take to my vitamins and supplements every day, and I work in a health shop!!

So here I was, doubting very much that I would make it to the 100th day, but I was determined to at least try!

Let’s just clear a few things up for all of those of you who are so grumpy out there… the one’s that would complain about others doing it because “It’s impossible to be happy for 100 days straight, it’s b*******” or “if some of these photos are what makes you happy, then you need a more exciting life” blah blah blah.

If you had any of those thoughts, you missed the point of the challenge. Of course you aren’t going to be happy 24 hours a day for 100 days. You could be having the best day in the world and then break your favourite ornament, stub your toe or have a rubbish day at work. The idea isn’t to be so happy, you’re clearly faking it. No, it’s instead to find that one thing in a day that sucks beyond belief that does actually make you smile! Something that pulls you out of that bad mood, gets you motivated or makes you laugh until you wet your pants!

Okay so for the most part the people doing this challenge are living ordinary lives, so it’s also about trying to find extraordinary things if you can! This isn’t exactly easy to do though. To those that said the above, that some of us need more exciting lives, I’m sure those of us it was aimed at are very sorry for not getting the opportunity to go bungee jumping, travelling or elephant riding throughout our 100 days. I hope you realise though, that actually none of us care! It’s our challenge and it’s about making ourselves happy!

A great chunk of my photos have been food, me posing with friends, and the dog. There were also sunny walks, various different purchases I had made, books and things I was watching. Maybe not the most interesting but all things that made me happy.

I’ll tell you something else – It wasn’t always easy! There would be some nights I would get into bed a realise I had forgotten; others where I had the photo idea in my head but it didn’t work out; and days where nothing really happened! But I managed! Yesterday was my 100th day! Today it feels odd not having done one.

I feel that after doing it, I really do appreciate my days more. I know now that no matter how much of a bad day I’m having, if something really good happens, no matter how tiny it is, that focussing on that one thing will make everything else seem so much better. I’m not saying that one teeny thing is a cure for the worst possible news, or something devastating, but generally speaking it’s a good way to think! I might not be doing the challenge now, but if something does make me happy in the day, I don’t see why I shouldn’t capture it and share it with the world!

I was little disappointed when I got to the end and didn’t get some kind of email or anything like that. There isn’t a place you go to press a button saying “I’m finished”. For the lowest price of $15 you can order a small book with all of your photos in, and then they go up in price and size.

I recommend that anyone do this challenge, it’s fun and you learn a lot about yourself!



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