This isn’t about wishes. This is about choices.

Well here it is. I’ve finally reached my Season 7 Buffy blog! Just to refresh your memory, these have been a series of mini reviews about each season and what I thought about them. I’ve got a great idea for some more indepth sort of trivia blogs but they will take some time to draft and write.

Moving on to the blog in hand. It’s always a sad day when your favourite TV show comes to an end. What if they mess it up? What will you watch after? Which of your beloved characters will make it to the very end? You watch each episode with anticipation knowing that with each one, it’s drawing closer and closer to an end. Then suddenly, it’s here. The last episode. The final one. For years you’ve followed this show and here it is, the end.

For me the last season of Buffy is exactly how it should be. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I was sad that it ended but it had to. I’ve heard many people say that they want it back, they want a reunion. I don’t. I enjoy the comics and maybe a one off would be good but I wouldn’t want the show to start up again. I think it ended at the right time in the right way.

The slayer line is under threat by the first evil. They intend to kill each and every potential slayer that exists, then Faith and finally Buffy, leaving the world unprotected and making it possible to finally defeat good. Read on and watch out for spoilers, to find out why I think it’s great final season.

I feel that a lot of the show is about character growth. They struggle throughout because they have to deal with more than a teenager should. They have to deal with loss and pain. Their relationships are never simple. Some of them have been to hell and back – literally. All in all, these experiences had been building these characters. Making them into who they needed to be to fight this final battle.

Buffy has had to repeatedly had to turn her back on her friends, and loose her loved ones when she could have helped. She has been the cause of loss and the hero on many occasions. She has died twice, been to heaven and torn out by her friends. She has been surrounded by people but has felt alone every step of the way. All of this has prepared her to be lead an army, to be able to make the decisions that no one else wants to make. She is with them, and she seperate from them and it’s the only way she can lead them to the very end, because if you let yourself get too close, you can’t do it right.

Willow has always struggled for a place. Magic, to her, made her special. She became powerful, different. Little did she know that it would lead her to the greatest downfall, something she never would have imagined. All of this pain and misery however, has lead her here. She is the most powerful member of Buffy’s army, the scooby gang. Without her, they never would have been able to defeat the first evil.

After years of being “the ordinary one” Xander seems to have come to terms with not having any special powers. Dawn claims that he sees things that no one else does, notices when no one else is really watching. It’s true as well. Even from the first episode, when he overheard Buffy and Giles talking about their secret, he always seems to have a clue of something. He acts as a sort of motivation for them. He vouches for Buffy – although that does cost him an eye – and he has the ability to see the things that she doesn’t. The hurt and heartache, the wrong in the choices that she does make, the reasons why she should make choices when she can’t.

Giles. What to say about Giles. Sometimes in the later seasons, I miss librarian Giles. In his suit, always cleaning his glasses and saying British things all the time. In the later seasons he’s angry a lot. I suppose he has a right to be. Once upon a time, the gang looked up to him. They went to him with their problems and treat him as a kind of father figure. He was command central. Now, his slayer doesn’t really need him, she makes decisions that he disagrees with and she uses him for the responsibility that she doesn’t want. Willow, who once admired him is now more powerful than he ever could imagine and has gotten there without his help, at an unhealthy pace. At least Xander hasn’t turned his back on him. In the end though, Giles has the ability to do things that Buffy can’t. He can do the dirty work. Starting with Glory, Giles kills Ben so that she can never resurface and from then on, fighting and even stealing records from the council. He gathers the potential slayers and teaches them in a way that only a watcher can do. I feel at this point, Willow and Buffy have turned themselves around and become people that Giles is proud of.

Then there is Anya, Spike and Dawn. Anya is finally accepting of her human life. She chooses it over being a vengeance demon, and realizes that actually she will always be in love with Xander. Spike finally becomes the man that Buffy can love. Dawn, once very annoying is now quite grown up.

I think this season is supposed to capture the entire show, and it’s message about growing up. We all make mistakes, but we can right them, and turn our lives around. Each character has done something at some point to let everyone down but has then been able to turn it around. In a heartbreaking scene, the potential slayers and Buffy friends turn on her, claiming it’s time for someone else to take over. She’s leading them in the wrong direction. She has an idea that they don’t agree with because some awful things happened with her last plan. It’s time someone else took over and gave it a try. So she leaves. Faith takes over and they were all of course, wrong. Spike still believes in her, and motivates her to do what is needed, by herself. She comes back, and the wrong is righted.

The losses in the show are terrible, but the right ones. Anya’s death will always – to me – be one of the most shocking moments on TV. Totally unexpected, suddenly she is brave, fighting like a warrior, and in the blink of an eye – literally – she’s gone. Spikes death was also slightly unexpected, especially as he had a chance to get out and live. These two characters are definitely favorites in the show, but they haven’t been there since the very beginning solidly. That’s why it had to be them. We couldn’t have lost an original scooby, but it had to be people we really cared about.

In the final shot, we see a look on Buffy’s face that we haven’t seen since the final episode of Season 5. It’s a look of relief, of peace. In that moment – and the one on the tower – Buffy sees an end. The fighting, the pain, the loss might actually be able to stop. The loneliness and responsibility isn’t just on her now. She might even have a chance to be a little bit normal. Of course when we move onto the comics, none of this is the case. But for that moment, that’s what she sees. It’s over.

All in all, I think it ended brilliantly. There have been some really great big bads, so this needed to be one that seemed impossible to fight. But haven’t had that before? A God… An untouchable Mayor… a part demon, part man, part robotic creature… so how could it be different? How about an enemy that they have seen before on a smaller scale, with a never ending porridge pot of fighters and the ability to be any dead person they want, just to mess with your mind! It knows everything about you… your fears, hopes, dreams, secrets. Let’s bring back characters from the past – Faith, Angel, and even some that we’ve lost, reincarnated as the The First. Let’s explore the slayer line in a way that’s never been done before. Let’s learn about it. Why it was created, who created it, how does it work. Let’s pull out the stops and do things we’ve never done before! Brilliant!

Well done Joss Whedon and Co, and thank you for ending this wonderful TV show in such a wonderful way!

Thanks for reading Xxx

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