Somebody Told Me That This Is The Place Where Everything’s Better, And Everything’s Safe.

I’m sure most of you know by that Buffy The Vampire Slayer is my favorite TV show of all time. What I bet a lot of you don’t know however, is that One Tree Hill is a close second. I think that this seems like an odd show for me to enjoy. It’s filled with romantic drama and the sort of girly stuff that I never bothered with much growing up. It wasn’t until the last few seasons aired that I got into it. My Mam was watching it and just sort of got hooked. I had an idea of what the show was about because my sister had watched it in the past, and my Mam had borrowed the DVDs off her so I’d seen the odd episode here and there.

Shockingly, my current re-watch – I now own all of the seasons – is only the second time I’ve seen the show from start to finish! It found it hard not to get caught up in the story. The characters are easy to fall in love with. Okay so it’s not supernatural, or anything like the shows I usually watch, but it’s a show that I adore. I thought in celebration of the shows 11th birthday (actually yesterday, the 24th of September) it would be nice to share why I love it so!

It mainly comes down to one major factor – the characters. They’re so lovable! Brooke and Haley are my two favorites. I love how they grow as the show goes on and what they achieve. Brooke starts out as this cheerleader that basically likes to mess around a lot. She doesn’t really have many layers and it seems to be all boys and partying. However, as we start to learn more about her, we find out that it’s the total opposite. She’s fierce, beautiful and easily one of the kindest characters ever created. She puts her own happiness before others and strives to do the right thing. She spends so much of the show unhappy – begging for her parents approval, getting her heart broken, loosing what she loves and struggling to trust anyone – so when she finds her boy, and finds her happy ending you really feel that she deserves it so much! After having to hide and protect her heart for so long, when everything comes together it really is a relief.

Haley, once the shy tutor girl, shocks everyone when she starts dating the popular guy, Nathan Scott. She comes out of her shell so much, and she’s sassy, gorgeous and still manages to be that thoughtful heartwarming girl. She achieves so much for both herself and those around her.

I really love them all. Even the ones I don’t like, I do like because they’re there to be those characters that you love to hate! Rachel, Nanny Carry, Dan… you feel for them, but you cringe when they walk into a room because you know they’re up to no good!

This show is filled with a fine mix of characters and I love that it’s about coming together. Who cares about differences? It’s a show about changing who you are and proving the world wrong. Look at Nathan – he starts out as an idiot. Slowly, he becomes amazing. He cares for others, learns to love, and becomes passionate. He knows to raise his son differently to the way he was raised. He puts his family first. He overcomes so much!

I could go and on, but for now I’ll leave it at that for the characters!

Although some of the show is pretty unbelievable – could a group of friends all become THAT successful? Before they leave high school, one of them releases a record and goes on tour; one of them sets up a clothing line and one of them has their artwork published. After university, they all get brilliant careers. Okay, they have their ups and downs with them, and mostly end up in different places, but let’s just look at this for a moment.

Nathan – After being thrown through a window and damaging his back, he manages to eventually play in the NBA. When he finally has to retire from basketball, he becomes a sports agent.
Haley – No longer singing, she becomes a teacher, then helps Peyton set up a record label. Then she goes back to singing and opens a cafe.
Brooke – Creates a multi-million dollar company, opens a store, gives the company to her mother, rejoins it, looses it and still manages to get it back in the end.
Peyton – Creates a record label.
Lucas – Author
Skills – Sports coordinator
Mouth – TV Presenter

Let’s not forget Mia, Alex, Julian, Quinn, Clay and the many others, all of whom are highly successful in their work!

On top of all of that success, would THAT much bad stuff happen to the same people? Various car accidents, murders and deaths, depressions… the list goes on and on!

In all of the ridiculousness though, each part of it is gripping. My favorite story lines include… Haley and Nathan’s love story; Dan’s struggle with guilt over killing Keith; returning to Tree Hill after university; Nathan’s struggle after his accident; Haley’s struggle with depression; Quinn, Clay and Katy; Brooke and Julian falling in love; Nathan’s disappearance; Brooke’s battle with Xavier, to name a few.

I love the music, the quotes, the fashion, the beauty and the life lessons.

The show continues to amaze me every time I watch it, and I feel sad that I will never be Brooke Davis or Haley James Scott. Bethany Joy Lenz and Sophie Bush are truly two amazing, inspiring women!

That’s all for now. Watch out for future OTH blogs!

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