Do not be told something is impossible. There is always a way…

…So said Robert Rodriguez.

Today I would like to open up about something that I’ve never written about in depth. My script writing. I’m doing this because November is National Novel Writing Month – – and so I’m setting myself the challenge of completing a script in that month. Not a novel, I know, but does that really matter? No, I don’t think so!

Throughout this challenge I plan to post regular updates on how it’s going, right here on this blog!

The idea to be a script writer came to me a few years ago. I’ve wanted to be a film director for as long as I can remember, but one day I realized that maybe, that job wasn’t for me. I like to be home. If I go anywhere, I like to do it with my partner, my family and my friends. It occurred to me that if I want to direct, the chance of me being able to do it in my current location were very low, and while I love the thought of doing it, what’s the point on working hard at a home life, and hopefully one day having a family of my own, if I’m going to spending most of it on the road, in hotels and on location? That didn’t seem very appealing to me. However, I couldn’t give up on the dream altogether. I had some many ideas. Couldn’t I just write them, instead? I’m not a huge fan of having other people translate those ideas to the big screen, but it’s better than nothing. One day, when I’m much older and have my home life more secured, when it doesn’t need me to be around 24/7 I can think about directing. I’ll have more money then, and I could even keep my favorite scripts – my babies – for then if I wanted to.

So for now, when I’m not blogging, and doing various other geeky things, or housework, I write scripts. Film scripts to be precise, although I have had a few ideas for TV shows.

I have a pretty creative mind – sometimes I wish it had a record button, because once I get an idea it sprouts so quickly! So even though I’m currently not being paid to write scripts – I do have a job however – I feel like it’s already a full time job. My mind is always working on an idea, and sometimes it’s not even my current idea.

My plan for the future is to first of all finish 3 – 4 projects, then to start sourcing script agents, and sending them out to everyone and anyone who take a look at them. I’ve currently finished one, or at least it’s in a place where I feel that I can put it to the back of my mind for the time being. I’ve written half of one that I’m not working on at the moment because I’m not sure where to go with it. Currently, I’m working on a sort of collaboration… well, my partner came up with a really great base story and now I’m turning it into a script. That’s the one that I’ll be working on and blogging about throughout the month of November. I don’t want to give too much away about just it yet, but I can tell you that I’m really enjoying writing it. I don’t want to give away many details from the story or anything, at any point, but I will talk about it a little bit in the near future!

For now though, if you know any script agents, maybe let me know…!

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