Progress Is Impossible Without Change.

It’s true. I’ve been saying all year that this is going to be the year that I make some real changes – get fit, do more, be more productive, blah, blah, blah…

It’s October. I’ve barely made any serious changes in my life. I’ve fallen off the “healthy wagon” more times than I’d like to admit… I’ve been lazy and counter productive. Why? So that I can get annoyed at myself? I’ve wasted so many hours this year just sitting in front of the TV or playing a game on my phone. There’s nothing wrong with that but when you do every day, it becomes a problem.

So I’ve made a decision. This between the 20/10/2014 and the 22/11/2014 I’m going to be focusing a great deal on “self-improvement”. After the 22nd of November, I will of course continue this, but I need a solid – except for teeny, moderate break over Halloween – period of time concentrating and working hard, trying to get rid of old bad habits, and form new useful ones!

Now I know what you’re thinking… we’ve read this before. You made the plans in the past, and you’ve not stuck to them for very long. What’s going to be different? How are you going to stick to it?

Well, to be honest with you the only thing that’s different is that my self-improvement is realistic. It revolves around things that are going to make me very happy and that are easy to achieve. I always take on so much at a time and try to do everything. But not this time.

Truthfully, I started making small changes a few weeks ago. Generally trying to be less messy in the house, to attempt to make more use of my time and various other things. This s**t is about to get serious though.

Let me talk you through some of my plans and ideas…

Heath –

  •  Since the beginning of the year I’ve been trying to improve my health. And by trying, I mean doing very little and just dreaming of it. There are many reasons for this. I would like to get into shape, and become happy with my own body. I used to feel great and when I look at old photos, I sigh and pull a sad face because the new photos don’t look so good. I joined a gym – a very cheap one – and vowed to eat better, and to also exercise at home. I go to my gym maybe once every other month, because I only pay per use, so I’m not loosing any money. Besides, its easy to exercise at home… oh but I can’t today because I need to do this… that was a regular thought process, and I would promise myself that I would make up for it. I’ve pretty much given up on the gym for now, although I hope not permanently. Instead I’ve started – and I should have long ago, because my boyfriend has been badgering me to do it for ages – walking to and from work. It takes about an hour, and it’s a very hilly journey. I’m getting fit and saving money on bus fare. My next plan is to incorporate home based exercise – yoga, weights etc. I’ve also started going to a spinning class once a week with some friends. It’s a great class because it’s in the dark so you don’t feel self-conscious. Unless you fall over when you’re stretching, and they have to turn the lights on to check that you’re okay… like I did.
  • Food wise, I’m also making drastic, but good changes! I’m going to go back to drinking green tea, and making a huge effort to drink a good amount of water. Some days I’ve lucky if I get a full glass, because I never feel thirsty and forget to drink. I need to start setting myself little reminders or something! I’m getting into making my own soups to take for lunch too. It’s quick and easy, you can make them in batches and freeze them so they don’t go off! My main problem is eating out or my evening meal. How do I say no to that glass of wine? Even if it’s just the occasional no? I need to know that it’s okay to swap this one for water… the world won’t stop turning, will it…? So I’m going to be experimenting with some healthy teas too and making that effort to drink water with my meals when I eat out.
  • I would also like to get into a good skin care routine and look after my hair more, but that’s less important I suppose!

Time Management –

  • One problem I find is that I waste time, in many ways. I don’t do the things that I find interesting, purely because I’m lazy. I just spent about 45 minutes doing a jigsaw puzzle that I got for Christmas last year. I don’t know why I’ve put it off. I felt great, it’s good for brain activity, it’s creative and it’s something different to just browsing the internet or watching the TV. I’m really bad for “Oh I’ll do that later” when it comes down to anything from washing the dishes, to putting clothes away, to updating my budget book. A quick 10 minutes on any household task a day will mean less chores on my day off and more time spent doing the things I love! Why shouldn’t get to sit and write for hours, or read the latest issue of Empire, or do a yoga session? It’s all my own fault when I can’t. If I can get into the habit of just doing something when it needs doing, and not just sitting down after work with my feet up, then I’ll be able to get so much more done!

I’m tired of the following sayings –

“I wish I was…”

“I wish I could…”

“I don’t have time to…”

“Why didn’t I…”

“I was going to but then…”

“From next week…”

“I’ll just do it later…”

They’re all excuses, and I’ve had enough. They are piling up. It stops. Now.

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