The Best Things in Life are the People we Love, the Places we’ve Been, and the Memories we’ve Made Along the Way.

Hello lovely readers!

I recently took a little trip to Filey, on the east coast. I went with my boyfriend, his Mum and Step-dad, brother and his fiance and our beautiful 3 year old niece. I had such a wonderful time, that I’ve decided to write a little review of our time there. I don’t have any photos to include in this one like I normally do for holiday reviews. I have taken some, but they’re all pretty much family photos so I’d rather not use them here.

We stayed in Primrose Valley (, caravan park. What a place! We didn’t use a great deal of the facilities themselves and I still left very impressed. It’s huge for a start, with lots to do – swimming pool, arcade, play-parks, restaurants and more! Our caravan was fantastic, 3 bedroom, with plenty of storage, toilet with separate shower room and an open plan living area with dining room and kitchen. We had central heating and little fire place in the living room that had a TV and DVD player – although we didn’t really use it, except to play music and let our niece watch something before bed. We had a spacious couch, and the kitchen had everything – toaster, kettle, fully working oven, sink, and microwave, as well as cutlery and plates, glasses, cups, bowls, etc. Outside of the caravan was a nice stretch of grass that would have been lovely for a BBQ or picnic, however this time of year it’s much better to be wrapped up snug inside with a glass of wine or a hot chocolate!

The facilities we did use were great! The arcade had lots of different attractions to entertain all ages, and lots of prizes to be won. We also ate in one of the restaurants, although I can’t place the name of it right now. However, I can tell you it was basically a fish restaurant and it was delicious! Scampi, chips and mushy peas, mmm! There were several other places to eat that all looked scrumptious, but we chose to entertain ourselves in our lovely caravan – the facilities were there, why not make the most of them?!

The park also had a Starbucks and a decent sized shop that pretty much sold everything that you could possibly need. The on site staff were very helpful. One night our gas ran out and someone turned up with a refill about 20 minutes after phoning.

The park is just a short walk from a beautiful beach, great for building sandcastles and paddling in the sea!

It’s a great place to stay because it’s a short drive from lots of different places! We had a great day out to Flamborough Head. It was a brilliant day, lovely and sunny. There are some great walks around there, overlooking the sea and some stunning lighthouses.

We enjoyed visiting Sewerby Hall and Gardens, and had lovely stroll around the gardens and craft fair, plus we enjoyed some lunch and a coffee. I had a delicious prawn sandwich!

We also visited Scarborough and enjoyed a bit of shopping. We walked up to the castle, but it was very windy up there! We saw Anne Bronte s grave and a Doctor Who phone box.

On the way back, we traveled via Whitby and had another little shopping trip and a walk around the outside of the abbey. We had some delicious fish and chips with a pot of tea and walk along one of the piers. It was fantastic, I love going to Whitby!

All in all this was a great holiday and I would definitely recommend it to families of all shapes and sizes.

I had such a fun time and have lots of lovely memories. It was wonderful spending time with our family in such a cosy setting. It was so full of joy and happiness!

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