Wedding Nightmare #2

It’s the morning of the wedding. We’re at the venue – me, Mam, bridesmaids – at around eleven in the morning. Suddenly though, there’s a lot of people there… a lot of guests, and my husband to be. Also, the venue looks very different to our beautiful choice.

There’s another wedding happening too, and we’re doing a ceremony-to-reception room swap that’s making me a bit nervous. We’re in a room with loads of tables set up with the wrong flowers and I don’t know if that’s a mistake for our room, or if it’s something to do with the other wedding that’s taking place.

I’m not wearing my wedding dress but I’m picturing it in my head, and for some reason, it’s actually my sisters wedding dress. This isn’t an issue as such, after all it was very beautiful… it’s not the dress that I picked though.

I check the clock and somehow, it’s nearly two in the afternoon! We’re getting married at three-thirty… why aren’t the hairstylist and makeup artist here? I leave the room, to try and get a hold of them, but the phone’s just ringing and ringing and ringing.

Suddenly, I’m sitting with my fiance at some kind of top table… literally the two of us sitting there, no one else. We’re surrounded by guests, who are bringing us gifts.

By gifts, I don’t mean silverware, fine china or bottles of champagne… no. Someone walks past holding a few giant snakes. Giant snakes. I don’t have a fear of snakes or reptiles – I own a bearded dragon, and am pretty fond of all animals – but I don’t really think that’s an appropriate gift… certainly not one that you should bring to the venue!

Even stranger, someone walks in holding a giant – I mean nearly the size of a wall – parchment with a family tree on. We start to eagerly look for our different family members, but there aren’t any names that I recognize.

Whilst this is happening, I’m still clock watching, wondering where on earth the hair and makeup people are!!

I was definitely relieved when I woke up, and am about to put a reminder to finalise times and numbers with the hairstylist and makeup artist!

Also, dear guests… please no snakes or mysterious family trees! Thanks!

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