And In That Moment, I Swear We Were Infinite.

and in that moment, i swear we were inifinite

And in that moment, I swear we were infinite. Photo Credit – Sweet Silver Linings Husband.

New Years Eve, 2013. I’m standing on the dance floor, arm in arm with my then boyfriend – now fiance – sister and one of my best friends (both pregnant) and their husbands. We’re all smiling. Take That’s ‘Never Forget’ is playing and we’re all singing at the top of our lungs.

It’s 2.25am on the morning of July 13th 2014 and I’ve just had a phone call from my Dad to say that my nephew has arrived safely into the world.

It’s May 2nd, 2013 and I’ve just had the honor of being my sisters Maid of Honor, and am now sitting around in my PJ’s after midnight, drinking drinks with some of the wedding party, and feeling so lucky.

It’s any number of dates and times… a trip to Whitby with my cousin; sitting around the dinner table with close friends and family, laughing so hard we’re crying, about something that was definitely too inappropriate to say over dinner; it’s the excitement our niece gets when she sees us; it’s the moment your boyfriend of nearly 6 years, unexpectedly proposes; every single happy holiday you’ve ever had; a spontaneous picnic with your best friends; It’s graduating from University, and hearing your parents say they are proud of you; its one of your best friends asking you to be a bridesmaid.

It’s every single happy moment you’ve ever had. Or at least, that’s how I feel about happiness.

One moment, no matter how small or insignificant, a moment that makes you feel infinite. Something that happens that will be remembered forever. By those that were there, and if possible, by the place it happened.

A single moment that may play over and over again in time, for all we know.

That’s what the title of this blog means to me. It’s from The Perks of Being A Wallflower. I highly recommend both the book and the film. It describes just that. A moment that will last forever.

For this reason, I have just had it tattooed to my left side. It’s quite simple, but for me, it’s perfect. I’d had something fancier in mind at first, but I changed my mind – only days before, but thankfully my tattooist is a lovely man! – and wanted to go for something plain but beautiful. That’s what I have and that’s what it represents.

I don’t go into tattoos lightly. (Click here for info on the other one that I ) and even Mark, the tattooist and close family friend was surprised at my return. My back tattoo had really caused me a lot of pain. The way I see it though, as painful as they can be, they are worth.

I am in love with this little piece of body art. What’s even better is that it didn’t even hurt! I barely felt it all actually. I was pleasantly surprised!

Here it is. It’s not a great photo – having to move my arm out of the way distorts it ever so slightly. I got it done at Ink Monkey Tattoo in Durham. Mark is lovely guy, I highly recommend him!


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