Wedding Nightmare #4

Another wedding nightmare struck last night. It’s funny, I’m not the only one having them – three of my bridesmaids have had them, and so has my Mam! I am touched that other people care enough for them to have nightmares about it!

Moving on…

It’s the day of the wedding. We’re all at the venue, but for some reason they are doing a lot of weddings in one day – the actually only doing one wedding at time – which is very confusing to me. As we are having the ceremony and the reception in the same place, I couldn’t understand how we could have our ceremony followed by our reception, if they were doing ceremony’s one after the other. They do them all in the same room.

So I thought maybe because we had paid for the ceremony and the reception, possibly we would be the last ones in so we could use the room after.

So there I am in my dress, with the rest of the my wedding party, waiting for our turn. Essentially it was like sitting in a doctors waiting room, only instead of being surrounded by impatient people with coughs, I was surrounded by other brides and their wedding parties.

Finally, it gets to 3.30pm, our ceremony time. But they call someone else in. I’m a bit confused but figure maybe they have ran over at some point, and so we’re delayed.

It gets to the end of the day and we’re last wedding party left. No one calls us in and everyone leaves.

The next thing I know, I’m at home with everyone, still in my dress. I’m crying my eyes out, very confused as to why they didn’t call our names. I’m also frustrated that I didn’t say something at the time and worried that I’ve lost my chance to get married!

The next day, I’m still very upset. So I ask my future husband if I should contact them and find out what’s going on to which he responds it doesn’t matter and not to worry about it. No one seems to understand why I’m so upset!

Then I wake up, relieved that it’s still 11 weeks to go!

I think this dream has come from the fact that we’ve started think about the times of everything, and start to set little things in place, and I get really worried about stuff not being right!

I wonder what the next one will bring.

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