Wedding Nightmare #5

They are coming in rapidly now. I’m expecting another any night soon. It seems that the thing that plays on my mind the most, then goes wrong in the dream.

It’s a normal day. Or so I think. I look around, I’m in my parents living room with EVERYONE. I can’t understand why EVERYONE is there. As I wander around a little confused, someone pipes up with – it’s the wedding today!

What? No, it can’t be, I’ve still got 10 weeks of planning left! Then I turn around and an Usher – someone I hardly know, that isn’t an Usher – is standing there, in full rugby kit, covered in mud. He’s injured his leg whilst playing. I hate to be insensitive unwanted Usher, but I’m getting married in a couple of hours, suck it up and get your suit on.

What’s that you say? The Usher’s DON’T HAVE SUITS. HOW? I knew I had 10 weeks left, but when someone told me it was the wedding today, I assumed that meant everything was sorted. Now what are we going to do?

I wake up and am relieved to see that in fact I do still have 10 – nearly 9 – weeks till the big day!

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