Wedding Nightmare #6

I hope they aren’t going to happen every night till the wedding!

Out of the blue, my Nana says to me “Only your aunty trudy is coming now” which is very odd. “Why aren’t the others coming?” “well they don’t think it’s fair.” Says my Nana. “What’s not fair?” I’m searching my mind for answers, but really can think of anything. They all got the exact same invite and the last time I had spoken to them, they were all really excited.
Nana “well, they all think it should be one or all.”
“One or all what? They are all invited! I don’t understand”
I turn around and there they are all, but it looks like there are more of them, shouting at me from every angle. Then my auntie trudy shouts up “well i’ll be there, but i’m still not very happy!”

Then I woke up. It took me a good few minutes to realise it was just a dream. How bizarre.

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