Wedding Nightmare #7

It’s been a while. After five glorious days on my hen-do in Barcelona, I come home and have a wedding nightmare! I genuinely thought they had stopped, but this was clearly my mind going in to some kind of meltdown from having 5 days off the wedding planning – or it this point, the finalizing of little details.

At 14 days to go (14 the night I had the nightmare, it’s now 11) this is what was going through my mind, as I slept…

It’s the day of the wedding. We’re all at my parents house. The wedding party and guests, that is. Only it doesn’t quite look like my parents house, I just know it is. I’m wearing my wedding dress whilst everyone else lounges about in their casual clothes. I’m feeling a bit panicked because it’s nearly time for the wedding! Then I realize I haven’t filled the confetti cones.

I go outside, where this long table is set up all nice, and decide this is the place to set up the cones. Only I don’t have cones. I’ve got these quite big, thick plastic boxes. I’ve got no idea when I got these, or why, but I decide I don’t have time to try and find the cones. I start to fill the boxes with confetti, but for some reason I fill the first three to the brim, so there isn’t enough confetti to fill the rest fully.

Then I have a massive argument with my sister and she storms off, deciding that she doesn’t want to be a part of the wedding!

Obviously, I’m a bit worried about the confetti.

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