It Started With A Christmas Tree

Well, actually, it started with a proposal beside a Christmas tree.

For anyone who has regularly read my blog, you will know that I have recorded my unsuccessful attempts to loose weight. (Links at bottom)

This past year, however, I finally managed to reach my goal weight, and even though I do feel like I’d like to be a bit more toned, if I never lost any more weight, I’d be very happy!

I managed to loose over a stone, going from just over 10 stone, to just below 9! Not much in the way of muscles to be seen anywhere though. You know what they say, we’re hardly ever happy with ourselves, are we?!

So how did I do it? Well first, I was proposed to! We chose to get married in October 2015, meaning we had 9 months to plan. I wish I could be the sort of person who could say “oh well, he loves me for who I am, I don’t need to change” but I’m not. I wasn’t happy to walk down the isle looking how I looked.

I also decided that I wanted to be healthy, not just slimmer.

I never thought I would actually be able to do  it, with a combination of the following –

Educate Yourself –  I can’t stress how important it is that you find out what the foods you are eating do inside your body, not just for weight loss/gain, but for health benefits. Make a list of what you eat regularly – be honest – and do some research. Do you eat a lot of diet/low sugar products? They’re probably filled with chemical artificial sweeteners. Do you eat low fat products? Probably filled with sugar. What kind of veg are you eating? How much fruit are you eating? Remember – sugars store in the body, but have no nutritional benefits. You probably think FAT is really bad, but if you’re eating the right fat, you’ll see good results, because it is nutritional, and the body uses it. You need to remember that foods effect your insides – find out whats good for your heart, digestive system, liver, kidneys, and your general health and well-being. And remember, everyone is different, so you need to assess your general health before adjusting your diet.

Food – I use the word food, because dieting isn’t right. You need to get a healthy balance of food. Cut our sugars as much as you can, switch to good carbs and healthy fats, and get a lot of protein. Portion size is also important. Eat a lot of low carb veg, as much as you can, and home-make everything! You never know for certain what is in something you bought from the supermarket, but you will know if it’s made in your kitchen. Take your lunch to work so you aren’t tempted to buy rubbish. Super-foods and whole foods are also very important! Drink lots of water and green tea too!

Exercise –   I hear so many people saying that exercise doesn’t work for them. It does depend on what you’re doing though. Again, research what you should be doing. Depending on your goal, you’ll need different things. Not many people enjoy exercise, so try and make it something you do like. For me, I found that a Gillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown ( worked wonders!

Let me just tell you a little bit about this. It has 2 levels, and I actually prefer the 2nd level. It’s more challenging, you feel like you work harder. It’s great though because I find with a lot of DVD workout plans, you have to just be good at straight away to see any results. With this, you can start out as a beginner on both levels, and work your way up, but still get a really good workout in. I had never done yoga when I started this DVD, and even now I wouldn’t say I was great at yoga, but this DVD a couple of times a week, combine with some pretty basic weights sessions got me in the exact shape I wanted to be in for my wedding. There are also lots of health benefits other than weight-loss to exercising.

Attitude – Obviously it helps if you have a goal, but getting into shape for one goal won’t mean you stay in shape. If you change your attitude from “I’m doing this for…” to “I want to be healthy…” it really does help. You need to adjust yourself to thinking that healthy is a way of life. It’s not just weight loss, it’s not just for your holiday. Be healthy all the time. My wedding has been and gone, and even though I’ve had a few weeks of indulging, I’m gradually going back to my pre-wedding lifestyle of being healthy, with the occasional treat. Its a hard time of year for it, but I plan to remain healthy on the days that I’m not taking part in festive activities!

I think I’ve rambled on enough, anyway.

This worked for me, it won’t work for everyone, but I do believe that it’s a good way to start! I’m by no means an expert, I’ve just tried and tried and finally found a way, which I thought was important to share. I also stopped tracking it so much, other than a bi-weekly weigh in! Life is too short, and I want to be healthy, as well as in shape!

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