Two Films, Two Stories, Same Themes?

I was lucky enough to visit the cinema TWICE last week. It’s rare that I even go once a month.

I went to see two very different films and yet I couldn’t help but notice, about half way through the second film just how similar they were.

If you haven’t seen Deadpool (Tim Miller) and The Danish Girl (Tom Hooper) please exit the page now! I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone! IT DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS!

Now, I know what you’re thinking… what movie did she watch?

Please remember that these ideas are just the thoughts that drifted through my mind in the cinema, and might in actual fact be a load of rubbish!



Sure, one film is the beautiful yet heartbreaking story of Einer/Lili, a woman trapped in a mans body, who undergoes one of the first sex change operations.

The other film is the hilarious, violent story of Wade Wilson/Deadpool who seeks bloody revenge on the scumbag who ruined his life!

How on earth are they similar? If you remove the details of the story line and look at the themes of the movies, you’ll see.

Both films center around a character being reborn, by undergoing an extremely painful physical transformation. Of course the reasoning behind the changes are different.

Lili, or as she is for most of the film, Einer, has spent her life as a man. After a difficult journey with his/her loving wife Gerda, Lili finally gets the chance to have the body of a woman. After a painful operation, she is reborn in her true form.

Wade Wilson is a wisecracking mercenary who, after meeting the love of his life, discovers that he has cancer. He is tracked down and offered experimental treatment of his cancer, which turns out to be a series of torturous experiments designed to awaken a mutant gene within the body. This disfigures him but also gives him the ability to regenerate. After a fire destroys the facility he is in, he rises of the ashes – literally like a phoenix – and takes on the identity of Deadpool.

At the heart of both films lies a deep love story.

Gerda is married to Einer, and helps to bring out Lili. At first she thinks is a “game”, a bit of fun, and even gets a thrill out of it. Once she realizes that her husband isn’t playing a game, she becomes upset and angry. The game needs to stop. She constantly battles with the need to be with her husband, and her want for her husband to be happy. Einer/Lili doesn’t want to hurt Gerda, and loves her deeply. Their relationship is that of a deep loving friendship by the end of the film. Gerda helps Einer to get the operation that he needs to become Lili.

Before being diagnosed with cancer, Wade Wilson finds the love of his life Vanessa. They fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, and she is willing to care for him whilst he is sick. He doesn’t want her to see him at his worst, or to leave her, so he leaves for his treatment. When they are reunited at the end, even though is disfigured she still loves him.

Finally, the theme of finding true happiness is also present.

Einer undergoes one of the most life threatening procedures, when he could have continued to just dress up in women’s clothes and wear make-up. Doing this does bring some sort of satisfaction, but also saddens him. He longs to be a true woman, and even talks of one day having children. The operation is in two parts – one to remove the male reproductive organs, then one to form the female. Shortly after the second operation, Lili looses her life, surrounded by Gerda and a friend Hans, whilst overlooking the sea. (Although in the real story of Lili, after many surgeries she had a uterus transplant, and it was organ rejection that killed her) She dies with a smile one her face, and even though it seems horrendously shocking that she should have gone through so much, just to die, she smiles because she was Lili, and that was all she ever wanted to be.

For Deadpool, his happiness lies with Vanessa. He toys with the idea of showing himself to her, but chickens out. Surely she won’t love him when she sees his face? He wants to be accepted by her, and loved by her. And in the end, she does love him because she doesn’t love him for his face, but she loves him for him.

To my knowledge, that’s where the similarities end.

Both films were amazing. I was blown away by the beauty and emotion of The Danish Girl and I laughed until I snorted watching Deadpool.

The films are so different that it’s hard to say which one was better. I think ulitmately I enjoyed Deadpool a teeny bit more.

The acting was superb in both films, and stories were both incredible. The Danish Girl was thought provoking and moving, whilst Deadpool was… well it was something else altogether! It was on a completely different scale to the previous Marvel films I’ve seen!

I think the main reason that I enjoyed Deadpool just a teeny bit more is probably because of how much it made me laugh, and also, Ryan Reynolds, need I say more?!

Saying that, I really enjoyed The Danish Girl. On thing that I found disappointing though was the discovering that the film differs so much to the true story. I strongly recommend that you read into it.

10 out of 10 for both films!





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