Busted – Night Driver Tour, 22 Feb 2017

I remember it very well – I was about 11 going on 12, and enjoying flicking through the music channels, and there they were – 3 cute boys with guitars, jumping around in school uniforms, singing about a teacher they fancied! I was hooked.

15 years later, and I got to attend my fourth Busted concert, and after all these years, they did not disappoint!

Back when I was teenager, I bought every single, every album, I had the posters, the t-shirts, I watched any TV program they were one, I had books and I even signed up to their fan club. I was Busted mad! I knew all of the words to their songs and when I went on holiday to America, I bought the album they released over there when they did “America or Busted”.

For all I loved them, I wasn’t too surprised when they split. I was certainly upset about it but I had seen coming. Other than the rumors I had heard and read that Charlie was thinking of leaving to start his own band, I had noticed a decline in their popularity, although I can’t put my finger on why this happened.

In the years since then, my obsession wavered. I was never really into McFly – a lot of people wonder how, when I loved Busted so much, but they just never caught my attention in the same way! I do think Tom Fletcher is super cool though! Anyway, I didn’t really keep up with what was happening in the world of Busted, so when my friend got me tickets for latest tour as a birthday present, and I discovered they had released an entirely new album, I was very excited!

There new album is totally different to their old stuff, so much so that when I first listened to it, I couldn’t quite believe it was them! They’ve left their silly boyish ways behind them, and moved on to more meaningful lyrics. They’ve also updated their instruments, and whilst still using their traditional choices, they now have more electronic sound, something that I can sometimes struggle with but in this case, it works.

It’s safe to say they’ve grown as individuals and as a group,  and it works so well. It would have been such a disappointment if they hadn’t changed at all.

Their live show was really impressive! Their stage presence is amazing, they created a really great atmosphere. It was exciting, fun, and with some of their older songs thrown in, very nostalgic. They performed their older stuff better than they did originally, and I have never seen a crowd go so wild for a band! (I don’t actually see a lot of live music though, so I’m probably not the best person to judge such things)

It really was incredible, and whilst I still love the old Busted, from What I go to School For to Air Hostess and everything in between – including their B-Sides! – I really love their new sound. Night Driver, On What You’re On and I will Break Your Heart being three of my favorites, it is hard to choose!

Towards the end of the gig, the band – who clearly excited to be back on tour as a threesome – said that they were in a better place with themselves, and with their music, and that is something that I feel really comes through. As upsetting was their break up was at the time, it is now clear that it is something that needed to happen, to make them the band they wanted to be. I feel like they are now making the music they had always wanted to, and that has made them an even better band than they were.

Of course, as much as l love their new stuff, I’ve been listening to all of their old stuff non stop since seeing them!

Anyway, Busted, I’m pleased you’re back and doing better than ever! Hopefully you’re here to stick around this time!


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