Writing Prompt #2 – War

Last week, I really enjoyed writing The Tattoo, using a writing prompt I found on Pinterest to do so.

This one is a dialogue prompt instead, so it’s slightly different. Here it is:

“Oh great” said Death. “You’re not supposed to be here yet.”

“What do you mean I’m not supposed to be here yet?” The young girl demanded. Death checks his list again.

“Nope, not on here.” Death replied.

“So check again.” She demanded.

“The list is just a formality. I have all the names up here.” He taps a boney finger to his hooded skull. “You aren’t meant to be here yet, trust me.”

The girl says nothing.

“Look, this list appears to me every day, its got times, names, causes of death. It’s never wrong.”

“Never wrong?” The girl asks disbelievingly. “Maybe I’ve  just been taken too young, it happens all the time. That must be why I’m not on your little list.”

Death taps his head again. “You’re not in here either. And by the way, there are no surprises in death. No one is taken too early. You see, when someone is born their death is decided.”

“If the list is never wrong, why am I here?” Her face is turning red with rage. It was bad enough that she had died so young, she hadn’t expected to come face to face with Death himself, telling her that she wasn’t meant to be there. 

“This situation… it’s never happened before. Well, except once.” Death admits to her. Anxiety washed over him, as he stood looking at her angry face. He didn’t have time for this, someone else would be coming along any minute and he had to be prepared to help them move on.

“So the list is wrong!” The girls anger breaks from beneath the surface of her skin.

“No, it’s not. The list is right. What happened to you, back on earth… that’s what’s wrong.” Death turns and starts to walk away. The girl looks at the ground, suddenly aware of her surroundings. There is nothing, just white light for miles around. She had no idea if she can even follow him, but she does it anyway.  The girl catches up with Death, looking up at him as she walks beside him, thankful that she did not fall through the ground.

“Don’t you think that’s a little unfair?” Her anger has subsided, her big brown eyes welling up with tears. Death stops and looks down at her.

“I don’t make up the rules.” They stare at each other, for what feels like a life time. “Do you know how you died?” His question startles her.

“No… I don’t remember.” The first of her tears spill over onto her cheeks. She is scared.

Death sighs. “I was afraid you would say that. Neither did he.”

“Neither did who?” She asks desperately. 

“A long time ago, a man appeared to me. Same thing as you, not on the list and no idea how he had died. I let him pass over, but then I was given a warning from “them”. The higher power, or whatever you want to call them.”

“What was the warning?” Her voice is barely even a whisper.

“You have to understand how serious this is. There is something back on earth, that’s taking the lives of people who aren’t meant to be dying. Their names aren’t on these lists, they have no purpose being here. They said it could mean war. A war from the other side. There are very few beings out there who would be able to do something like this” The relief that she would be able to move on was overwhelmed by a sudden fear for those she loved back on earth.

“Wait… you said something is taking lives… but its only happened twice in the entire history of the world. What if it never happens again?” The girls voice is pleading. Death turns away from her.

Two men walk out from the light. One of them is young, younger than the girl. The other is very old. 

“I’ve been waiting for you.” He says, looking at the young man. He turns to the old man. “You’re not supposed to be here yet.”

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2 replies

  1. Hi A,
    I really liked the fct that this might just be the beginning of a much bigger story. It lets the imagination of the reader carry on where you left off. The phrase about her anger bubbling up from below the surface of her skin (or something similar) is powerful. I enjoyed this, thank you.
    Keep writing!

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