The Start of Something New

For some time now I’ve been toying with the idea of turning my dissertation into a book. How, why, when… these were all questions to be answered. I’ve recently taken the first step. I’ve answered those questions, and made a start.

Part of my plan is to blog about my progress, partially so that I have some kind of accountability. I’m not writing it for  anyone but me, I don’t have any sort of agent, publisher or editor waiting for chapters, and I don’t trust myself enough to write it without some form of deadline. I’m going to publish a blog once a month with a progress update.

This is my first one, and so far the progress is minimal. Of couse the ground work is already there. My disseration was written back in 2012. At three 5 chapters, you’d think I’d just need to edit it here and there, and beef it out a bit to make a bit more substantial.

No. Its not really that simple. I was always proud of my dissertation – although really, I only just scapred a good enough mark together – but if you’ve ever revisted an old piece of work, you will know just how cringe worthy it can be when you re-read it.

I feel my vocalbulary doesn’t have much range, and I’ve often been critisized for describing rather analyzing. I used to always read that comment in disbelief. Now I read my work and think “why am I just explaining what I’m talking about?!”

On top of that, a dissertation, whilst longer than a standard essay does still have a word limit. I had a lot of say, and after years and years of continuing to learn about my subject matter, I have more still.

That brings to me my next point – my subject matter. I hope none of you are too excited. The word dissertation often makes people go “Ooo, how interesting” but then I always feel that my topic is a bit of a let down. I’m writing about…

Horror flms and their remakes. I studied film and TV at university. I’ve always wanted to do something in film and TV, preferably writing. Horror is my favourite genre, and I’ve often been told I’m a bit of a film snob, and have been particularly annoyed about the constant string of remakes in the past, feeling that are most unnessecary.

So naturally when someone said to me, here’s an assignment for a dissertation, you can basically write on a film topic you like, I chose that. I really wanted to know why they were so often remade. Surely there had to be a deeper purpose than just money making, and Hollywood being out of ideas. It turns out, there really actually is more to it than that.

There’s quite limied source material out there about this subject already, although I have read some great books on it to get me to this point. So it probably won’t be particularly popular, it’s a very specific topic, but maybe it will answer a few questions for those studying, or those with an interest such as mine. At the very least, it might help me in my path to becoming an established screenwriter and blogger. At least I might enjoy the project.

I’m in a sort of writing limbo at the moment. Not writer’s block, but in between one stage and the next. I’ve re-read my dissertation, and made some notes. I’ve made a list of movies to watch, and case study form to fill out so I can make notes on the differences between the original and the remake. I know the basica definitions that can be applied to each remake. However, as it’s Christmas, I want to spend my time – you know between parenting, and working full time. Oh, did I forget to mention that part too? I’m a full time working Mam, trying to keep up a blog and write a book – watching Christmas films, not horror films. So that part of the work will start in January. At the moment, I’m just doing a bit of planning and researching. Well, mostly planning I suppose. The real work will start in 2019, and I hope to be in a posistion to be completeing the project of the year.

My current dissertation, unedited is 9000 words, it has 4 chapters.

I’ve written 0 words since starting this. Wish me luck.


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