The Writing so Far… an update

This is basically a tiny, pointless update, purely because I said I would write regular updates to hold myself accountable on my writing progress.

So far it’s going… not well. BUT, I have been very unwell since December 28th, and I haven’t really had a writing space for sometime – the Christmas tree was basically on my writing space.

I am however coming out of the funk of the cold virus that has been clinging to me for dear life, and the Christmas tree is long gone, as is the mountain of Christmas chocolates that also took up the only space where I can write comfortable in the whole house.

It’s Februrary 1st. I have written 0 words. Well, that’s sort of not true. I have written an outline for my new introduction. But that doesn’t really count. I’ve also written the list of films I plan to use for discussion in my book. I just need to find out which ones I already own, which ones are on Netflix and which ones I need to get a hold of.

So yeah…

Original Word Count – 9000

Original Chapter Count – 4

New Words Written – 0

New Chapeters – 0

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