The Book – A Quick Update

As promised, here is my monthly book update!

When I last wrote an update, I hadn’t done much at all. I was feeling unwell, and I didn’t have the energy, nor the inspiration to do so.

Well, I’ve chiselled through that wall! I’m feeling much better, and whilst I’m still knackered (full-time working mother, remember?) I’m finally feeling inspired!

I’ve been working on my book for at least an hour most evenings. I am taking at least two nights off, because at the end of the day I do still have a life as well. I need time to relax!

In the past month-ish, I’ve done A LOT of research. It’s mostly stuff I already knew, but needed refreshing. But I’ve taken it to a deeper level than when I originally wrote my dissertation.

Here are some things I found out…

  • Films weren’t protected by copyright until 1912! Which makes it hard to trace film remakes, and where they began, because in the early days of cinema – we’re talking about 1888 right up until 1912 – everyone was making films of pretty basic – but amazing, because no one had seen moving image before – stuff, and everyone was copying what the last guy did.
  • Whilst it’s hard to pinpoint what the very first “official” (as in done under copyright law) remake was, The Squaw Man (1914 & 1931) is a GOOD place to start.
  • The zombie, and the genre that comes with it, as we know it today was essentially created by George A Romero. Or at least as far as I have been able to see so far, but again, film is SO VAST, it can be so hard to pin point the start of anything.
  • Romero, according to an interview in The Telegraph dislikes both the remake of Dawn of The Dead, and the popular TV show The Walking Dead, something which has clearly been inspired by his work.

Plus, so much more. If you’re interested in what else I’ve learned, make sure you keeping following my progress! I’m sorry, you’ll have to wait for the final book to be published to learn everything!

I’ve written a new “introduction” draft, and the plan,or outline, for my first chapter. I do of course have my original dissertation to help guide me, but I feel in a way like I’m starting over, and that I’ll use my dissertation just to beef out the final product.

My first chapter is going to be about the technical remake, something which can also be thought of as an attempt to modernise and update a film, using new technologies. The two films I will use as my main focus are Dawn of the Dead and it’s remake from 2005. I’ll be drawing upon other films as comparisons as well, but I haven’t finalised those yet.

It’s now time for me to start working my way through the long list of movies I need to watch to help support my work. I’ve even devised a questionnaire to fill out with each one I watch, to help me compare the movies easily.

Till next time, wish me luck…

Original word count – 9000

Original chapters – 4

New words written -1976 (making a total of 10,976)

New chapters written – 0IMG-20190215-WA0011

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