How to Have An Eco Friendly Kitchen


Well, it’s not quite an “eco” kitchen… but we are TRYING really hard to make it Eco Friendly!

Continuing on with our updates on our year of eco living, I wanted to talk a little about the changes we’ve made so far in our kitchen.

One day, when I’m a best-selling author/big screen writer (or maybe even just an author/screenwriter), and am successful, we have lots of exciting plans our dream house, which will include a fantastic, super environmentally friendly kitchen.

For now, we are doing what we can with our decent sized kitchen, in our 3 bed, semi-detached house, in an old village.

The changes we are making are nice and simple as well. Here’s how…

  • We’ve changed our generic pan scourer – you know the type, yellow sponge, green scourer – for a washable cloth sponge. We have two at the moment, and I think I want either one more, or a couple of cloths as well, or both. They are lovely! We still have our last remaining scourer hanging on for dear life, but once that’s gone, we won’t be replacing it. After a few uses, maybe a weeks worth, we just pop the sponge into the washing machine, and it goes on with the next load. It  can even go in the tumble dryer! Wondering if a sponge can really do that much damage? Not only are they bad for your health, but they are really bad for the environment, as can be seen here.
  • Kitchen role has always been an interesting one for me. It’s not the worst thing to have in your kitchen, and I don’t think there are many ways around using it, in some instances. It takes around about 2-4 weeks to break down but I imagine that also depends on what type you use, and what you’ve used it for. It DOES break down though. Saying that, it’s also made from trees. So if you do need to buy it, its worth looking for a company that replaces the trees it uses, or makes it out of recycled materials. Or… you could buy some pretty cloth kitchen roll. It’s basically on a roll that poppers together so you can still tear a sheet off, and use it as you need. It’s a bit more durable, can be used for more, and like the sponges, you just pop it in the washing machine to clean it! We haven’t started using ours yet, as we are onto our last – jumbo – roll of paper kitchen roll.
  • Kitchen wipes are of course one of the bigger problems, much like face wipes or baby wipes. They are handy, but I try to use a tea-towel to clean my benches etc where I can, and save the wipes for only if I really need them. I plan to set aside some kitchen – and bathroom – cleaning cloths at some point.
  • Straws… now I don’t really use straws in the house, but they are fun sometimes, and also portable! I got a set of metal straws for Christmas, and they’re lovely! I especially like to use them when I’m feeling a bit under the weather, if I have sore throat or something, it seems to make me feel a bit better!
  • Compost! We’ve tried to create our own compost using vegetable peelings, fruit, egg shells etc for a while, and it’s not gone too badly. We’ve taken to another level this year – I know what you’re thinking, and we’ve not gone that far – and now have our own little compost caddy to help us to remember not to just bin stuff. We put coffee grounds, tea bags, left over fruit and veg that won’t end up being used, veg and fruit peelings and skin, egg shells, that sort of thing in it, and so now quite a lot less is going into our waste bin. Between that and the recycling, we are putting very little in actually.
  • With all of this in mind, we are trying/planning to change other things little by little. My coffee machine already has a reusable filter, so that’s great. What would be perfect would be if someone opened a weigh-shop nearby, one that sells great tasting coffee, where I could take my own containers! I try to make as much as I can from scratch, I always think it tastes better, and it uses less packaging that way. And with regards to packaging, we are trying our hardest to buy things in recycle/reusable packaging. We’ve stopped buying things that come in black plastic, because of yet, it can’t be recycled. We haven’t bought a plastic water bottle in… I don’t know how long, and we don’t buy take out cups of coffee or anything like that. We’re reducing use of kling film and tin foil by using beeswax wraps and reusable cloth wraps. I also use reusable baking parchment when baking, or silicone bake ware!

All in all, I think we are doing pretty well in replacing our single use, environmentally UNfriendly products. We’re also trying to cut back on our meat-eating, and buy more cruelty free products. I really feel that it all goes hand in. I plan to research Eco Bricks this week, so I’ll give you an update on that!

Live well, friends.

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