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  1. Hi lovely, just signed up to your news letter and caught up on loads of your blog posts. Myself and Gary are starting to make an effort to be more eco friendly and plastic free. It’s in it’s infant stages so your blog has definitely given me food for thought.
    I decided to start off in the bathroom as there is a load of plastic waste there. It’s a bit of a mixed result. I have swopped to soap instead of shower gel. It was delivered plastic free and smells amazing. The shampoo bar is taking some getting used to. I need to was my hair less which is proving difficult as my hair is protesting in the form of a big claggy clump after day three. Deodorant. Strange one here. I switched to a deodorant paste and as I’m used to an anti perspirant spray (and it can only be Dove as I has sensitive underarms) I am conscious of my smell. I can still smell me and I’m not used to that. Plus I have an irritation under my right arm only when using it so I’m back to the Dove for now until I find something new.
    There are a few other things I have switched to and some coming in the post to up my plastic free/a bit more eco friendly attempt (I think I just like shopping online in reality and this way I feel less guilty)

    So, in conclusion, keep on doing what you do. (It’s very brave you taking on big companies like that) and I will look forward to your next update.

  2. Handy still, even a year later!


  1. My Plastic Feedback – An Update – Sweet Silver Linings.

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