2019 – That’s a wrap.


Photo by – Sweet Silver Linings Blog, Bonfire Night 2014

The end of 2019 is approaching, and as it does, I’d like to round up the year. I had plans to write a couple of different blogs before this time, including one about the books I’ve read this year, but I didn’t have time to do this, and I don’t want to stress myself out finding the time to do it.

I’ve decided to use this last blog of the year to round up the things we’ve done in the house and as a family to help the environment, and where I think we need to place our strengths going forward.

I’ll start with the round up –

  • Continuing to use cloth nappies
  • Getting more confident with cloth wipes
  • Switching to CSP’s and a DIVA cup
  • Reusable face wipes
  • Safety razor
  • Ethical make up brands
  • Reusable washing up sponges, cleaning cloths and sandwich wraps
  • Ethical cleaning products (Method and Tesco’s own ECO brand)
  • Bars of hand soap
  • Wooden tooth brushes
  • Wood toys
  • Second hand clothing (especially for our little boy)
  • Wooden cotton buds

Areas to focus on going forward…

  • Using more cloth nappies, especially when our next child is born
  • Ethical toiletries i.e soap bars, shampoo bars, refillable shampoo etc
  • Cutting down on kitchen waste
  • Making use of refill shops
  • Using Amazon less
  • Buying second hand, or from local, independent retailers where possible
  • Growing our own veg

I am sure we will continue to discover new things on our journey to be a Green Household. We have tried for a long time, but really kicked it up a notch this past year, and I’m really pleased with the progress we have made.

I would like to take the opportunity to also talk about the project I started a few months back, where I researched the top 10 worst plastic polluting companies, and users of palm oil, and decided to boycott and repeatedly email them my disgust at their attitude and behavior. This was more difficult than I had anticipated, and got very little in the way of response.

I feel that I am going to have to put this project on the back burner for now. I will hopefully pick it up again, and I will continue to  boycott these companies by not buying from them, or by limiting what I do buy as much as possible. I have too  many other projects that need to take priority, and with a new baby coming in March, I need to really put a lot of focus into some of these other projects in first couple of months of 2020, at which point I will be taking a step back for a little while, so we can adjust to being a family of four.

For anyone that is reading this, I want to wish you a very happy and healthy new year, I hope 2020 is all you wish it to be.

Thank for you the support you’ve given me over 2019, and I look forward to posting about different topics throughout the coming year.

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