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Sweet Silver Linings sprouted from an idea I had about positivity. There is so much negativity, everywhere, and I wanted to avoid this in my writing. Although I had kept my blog for 3 years (under a different name) before it became Sweet Silver Linings in 2016, I had still managed to unintentionally only write with a positive attitude. 

Then, when my husband and I went travelling in 2016 for our honeymoon, I decided it was time for a change to the blog, as I would be writing about our travels whilst we were out there. I wanted it to become a permanent feature in my life, it had really started to  mean something to me. 

I struggled with naming it though, because I don't write about a specific subject. Yes, when it became Sweet Silver Linings, I was primarily writing about travel, but I also write about cooking, family, I share short stories, and reviews, and well, anything that I can think of. Because of this, I needed a name that represented the general feel of the blog. 

That brings me to Sweet Silver Linings. You know the saying, every cloud has a silver lining? Well, its true but that's not the inspiration for my blog. It actually comes from the song "Sweet Silver Linings" by Kate Voegele. 

What I'm about to say is hard for me.

*takes deep breath*

After suffering with what is sometimes quite basic, but at other times really difficult anxiety for such a long time, I heard this song one day and I felt like it was speaking to me, or for me. It perfectly describes how I feel, and the very reason why I try to avoid talking negatively, especially if I'm talking in a public forum of any kind. If I am going to influence anyone, in anyway, that influence is going to come in the form of happy, joyful, passages of writing. 

My name is Ashleigh, and when I'm not writing my blog, I write film and TV scripts and short stories, I do jigsaw puzzles, and I am mother to a gorgeous baby boy. My husband and I both work full time for the same company, so life can feel a bit hectic from time to time, but its  a great life. My dream is to write full time, but for now writing when I can brings me so much joy.