Tips, advice and personal stories from our parenting journey

My Hypnobirthing Experience

During my first pregnancy, I had been really interested in the concept of calm birth, but I had never explored hypnobirthing, so that was something I wanted to do this time. I have never been particularly good at relaxation techniques or deep breathing, so practicing hypnobirthing really was a challenge for me. I had the added challenge of working full time, whilst having a 2 year old and a house to keep on top of, all things which can be conducive to stress, and make it difficult to find the time to sit and focus and listen to relaxation playlists or practice breathing. I would try to practice the breathing in the car, and listen to my affirmations audio when folding the washing.

2019 – The Year of Eco-Living.

We have always tried, very hard to be kind to the planet. This past year in particular, we have made some big changes in our lives to help contribute to this, but I feel that 2019 is THE YEAR. We had a baby last year, and whilst I know that in itself contributes to climate change, we didn’t bring a child into the world, just to have him live in fear of the effects of us delightful humans destroying the planet.